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How much do your products cost?

Our products are customized to individual needs, so prices vary by the time and complexity involved with each project. When you contact us, we will schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs and interests. If we are able to assist you, we will provide a detailed and transparent proposal for the project within 3 to 5 business days. There are never any hidden fees or cost overruns. After agreeing to the terms, a 50% deposit is required to initiate the work, with the balance due 30 days from the presentation of the final report.


What is the turnaround time on my job?

This varies by size and scope of the project. For most UMAP projects, we will have your data and final report returned to you within four weeks of receiving your materials and deposit.


I don’t have time to chase false leads. Can you guarantee that your hits are real?

We know your time is the most valuable resource you have, and take every precaution to limit false discovery. We can advise you in specific steps that you can take to reduce the likelihood of false discovery. On our end, we use conservative assumptions when analyzing data in order to enrich our results with real leads. Our higher-order data processing reveals pathways, processes, or locations over-represented within the data, adding confidence. Finally, the physiological relevance of Snapshot Proteomics™ – especially relative to competing methods – is perhaps the best driver of real results.


I have already performed MS/MS analysis on my question of interest. Why should I use your products?

Because Snapshot Proteomics™ is uniquely capable of reporting on PTM, across a proteomic platform with a depth and breadth of coverage inaccessible to MS-based means. Several clients have found it useful to utilize both technologies, cross-referencing results for added statistical power. We are always happy to perform or assist with this level of analysis.


What are the disadvantages of your products compared with MS/MS?

No product will be the correct approach for all applications. For example, if you are working with known proteins bearing known post-translation modifications, then tandem mass spectrometry may indeed be the proper tool for your research. If we believe that our products are not the best choice for your project, we will not hesitate to suggest other companies or technologies to you.


How are the microchips made? What proteins are present on the microchips?

With Snapshot Proteomics™, we are the photographers and the microchips are our film. In keeping with that analogy, we do not manufacture the microchips, but purchase them from third parties. We will gladly advise you about the various options, but ultimately you get to choose the specific microchips used in your project.


The following information is accurate at the time of posting, but we are not authorized by either manufacturer to speak for or represent their products. Contact the manufacturer directly for information regarding their product.


For most applications, the choice is between HuProt (CDI Laboratories) or ProtoArray (Life Technologies). HuProt contains ~20,000 human proteins produced and purified from yeast cells, printed in duplicate on amine-reactive glass slides. ProtoArray contains ~9,000 human proteins produced and purified from insect cells, printed in duplicate on thin-film nitrocellulose-coated glass slides. Per industry standards, both products utilize randomized deposition of proteins on the chips, maximizing the likelihood that all epitopes are exposed to aqueous phase and properly folded. In both cases, purified proteins are printed on the microchips in defined locations, making identification by spatial address straightforward. Various control features enable proper alignment and are also used for statistical normalizations. Both products provide broad and fairly consistent coverage of human proteins across subcellular location and biological function, including for membrane proteins. Contact us or the specific manufacturer directly for a complete list of protein content on each microchip.


What do you do with the data you generate for me?

We transfer ownership to you and retain no rights. It is exactly as if you had generated it within your own facility or lab. We hold all client information strictly confidential and will never disclose the names of targets, or even names of clients themselves without permission. We have nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements for use, or will happily execute your own version(s) as desired.


How do I make reference to this work in scientific manuscripts I prepare?

If you wish, we will happily disclose the specific (non-confidential) scientific methodologies for each project. You are free to copy directly or paraphrase our detailed methods within the appropriate section of your manuscript. We simply require you to mention that the work was performed by AVMBioMed (Limerick, PA). Alternatively, you may simply state the product that you used (UMAP™, SMART™, or ProActiN™) with mention of us as the manufacturer (AVMBioMed, Limerick, PA). We do not ask nor expect authorship inclusion; you are never under any obligation or expectation (from us as least) to publish, discuss, or release the data we generated for you.




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